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Dr. Robert “Bob” Sievers is a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Colorado-Boulder and has distinguished himself as a teacher, scientist, department chair, and dean. In 1984, he and associates founded Sievers Instruments, Inc. which was later acquired by Ionics, Inc. for $21 million in stock. In 2002 Dr. Sievers, co-founded AKTIV-DRY LLC, to develop some of the newer inventions described in the 30 US and foreign patents that Sievers and co-workers have been awarded, the most recent of which is aimed primarily of helping prevent disease in developing countries. In 2014, with the passage of section 7606 of the Farm Bill, which made it federally legal in states with Industrial Hemp programs, to study and cultivate Industrial Hemp, he formed Sievers Biotech.