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Wize Pharma, Inc. (OTC:WIZP) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company currently focused on the treatment of ophthalmic disorders, including dry eye syndrome. Wize Pharma has in-licensed certain rights to purchase, market, sell and distribute a formula known as LO2A, a drug developed for the treatment of DES, and other ophthalmological illnesses, including conjunctivochalasis and Sjรถgrenโ€™s Syndrome. Wize Pharma has finished a Phase II trial of LO2A for patients with CCH and currently conducting a Phase IV study for LO2A for DES in patients with Sjรถgrenโ€™s. LO2A is currently registered and marketed by its inventor in Germany and Switzerland for the treatment of DES, in Hungary for the treatment of DES, CCH and Sjรถgrenโ€™s, and in the Netherlands for the treatment of DES and Sjรถgrenโ€™s. Wize Pharmaโ€™s strategy involves engaging local or multinational distributors to handle the distribution of LO2A.

ZIP Code: 4527708
Business Website Address: http://www.wizepharma.com/
Business Phone Number: +972 72 260 0563
Country: Israel


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