Purpose Marijuana Opportunities ETF

The Purpose Marijuana Opportunities ETF (NEO:MJJ) (OTC:MRJOF)
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The Purpose Marijuana Opportunities ETF (NEO:MJJ) (OTC:MRJOF) seeks to invest in the budding marijuana industry with the expertise of active management. The fund invests primarily in Canadian-focused companies with the potential to expand globally as regulatory clarity improves. Given the fact that the fund is actively managed, The Purpose Marijuana Opportunities Fund also has the ability to short-sell cannabis-realted stocks based on the manager’s vies on the market, industry sub-sectors, and individual business valuations and performance. The Purpose Marijuana Opportunities Fund is managed by Greg Taylor, CFA who is a data-driven manager with an active approach to managing portfolios and a focus on maximizing risk-adjusted returns. Greg spent 15 years managing both pension and mutual fund assets at Aurion Capital Management. The recipient of numerous BrendanWood International β€œTop Gun” awards, he’s also a frequent host and guest on BNNand Toronto’s 680News.

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