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Pura Vida Vitamins is a premium CBD brand that offers health and wellness products ranging from CBD vape oils to CBD tinctures and more. As per regulatory requirements, all Pura Vida Vitamins CBD and Full Spectrum Hemp products contain less than .03% THC Content and are legal in all 50 States. All Pura Vida CBD oils are formulated, manufactured and tested in the United States of America.

ZIP Code: 11735
Business Website Address: https://www.puravidavitamins.com
Business Phone Number: (855) 540-0354
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Country: USA
State: New York
  • Pura Vida Vitamins CBD Vape Cartridge - Pineapple Flavor
  • Pura Vida Vitamins CBD Tincture - Passion Fruit Flavor
  • Pura Vida Vitamins CBD-Infused Fruit Slices


After trying quite a few different brands a friend had suggested purevida. I don't discourage easily and am always on the hunt for good products so I gave it a try. I live with multiple conditions that involve me having chronic pain. (fibromyalgia, neck and back injury and others) I've found after using this product for about five months now that the nerve pain I've been experiencing on my skin and especially on my feet has gotten SIGNIFICANTLY better. Most days it doesn't even give me an issue. I can absolutely tell the difference if I'm not taking my usual dose of oil twice a day. I am not keen on opiods and the like so I had been downing ibuprofen like candy. (which isn't any good either) I now have stopped the ibuprofen. I occasionally may take two Tylenol in the course of a day (8 hr arthritis extended relief) and no other medications except my cbd oil. My Rhumatologist had me try different medications for the fibromyalgia which made me feel absolutely HORRIBLE. I couldn't function. So I can honestly say I'm doing MUCH better these days. Shopping was pretty quick. It arrived safely and I haven't had any ideas to really speak of. I enjoy the piece of mind knowing it's organic, and I can literally FEEL the difference. Five stars isn't enough. All I can say is it's definitely worth a try!
Gemma | January 9, 2020

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