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Orion Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE:ORI)
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Orion Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE:ORI) (OTC:ORONF) will set a new standard within Cannabis Life Sciences by producing and developing innovative products with key strategic partners in the industry. These partnerships contribute to our competitive advantages, which include low production costs, industrial-scale, high-quality, and global distribution. In order for the cannabis industry to reach its full potential, it must reliably supply consumers with a variety of high-quality, tested, consistent, and safe products.

BioHemp Colombia’s (BHC) model complements Orion’s downstream product development focus, enabling outsourced lower-cost cultivation and extraction without compromising customization, consistency, or quality. BHC also has local alliances available to manufacture and distribute a range of Orion products in Colombia and across LATAM. BHC’s platform is designed to flexibly integrate to Orion’s business requirements. BHC is well-positioned to produce and supply a wide range of CBD and THC extracts, isolates, seeds, and strains to support Orion and to distribute internationally.

Medic Oasis, Inc. is a Quebec-based company currently in Stage 5 of its Health Canada application process. Quebec is Orion’s Canadian production headquarters and the next step in building a global footprint. Medic Oasis, when licensed, is strategic to Orion as a 99% owned subsidiary for both expanding its presence in the Canadian cannabis sector, as well as to enable import/export of oil from Colombia (via BHC) to other parts of Canada, Europe, and wider international markets. Medic Oasis will be an instrumental part of Orion’s development efforts for certain strains, potent extracts, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals which incorporate cannabis and cannabis-based medical science.

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