Micron Waste Technologies Inc. (CSE:MWM) (OTC:MICWF) (FRA:7FM2)
CSE Ticker Symbol: MWM
OTC Ticker Symbol: MICWF
Frankfurt Ticker Symbol: 7FM2

Micron Waste Technologies Inc. (CSE:MWM) (OTC:MICWF) (FRA:7FM2) is a well-funded technology company with over $6 million in working capital. Micron Waste Technologies’ organic waste management system processes organic waste directly on-site and treats the resulting waste water into clean water which meets municipal sewage discharge standards. The treated water can be discharged directly into the sewer or recycled back into industrial or agricultural operations. Micron has developed the world’s first Cannabis Waste Digester which denatures active pharmaceutical compounds from waste streams.

Business Website Address: http://www.micronwaste.com
Business Phone Number: 1 (844) 318-8216
Country: Canada