Experion Holdings Ltd.

Viridium Pacific Group Ltd. (TSXV:VIR) (OTC:MRRBF)
TSXV Ticker Symbol: EXP
OTC Ticker Symbol: EXPFF
Frankfurt Ticker Symbol: MB31

Experion Holdings Ltd. (TSXV:EXP) (OTC:EXPFF) (FRA:MB31), formerly Viridium Pacific Group Ltd. (TSXV:VIR) (OTC:MRRBF) is based in British Columbia, and involved in consumer wellness and biotech innovation. With interests spanning across agricultural production, property development, and financial services, Viridium Pacific is positioned to develop and expand into new markets across multiple platforms. Viridium Pacific is the parent company of several operating subsidiaries, including Experion Biotechnologies Inc., an Health Canada licensed producer.

ZIP Code: V2V 0A6
Business Website Address: https://www.experionwellness.com/
Business Phone Number: 1 (647) 464-3596
Country: Canada