Evolve Marijuana ETF

The Evolve Marijuana ETF (TSX:SEED)
TSX Ticker Symbol: SEED
OTC Ticker Symbol: EVVLF

The Evolve Marijuana ETF (TSX:SEED) (OTC:EVVLF) is an actively managed cannabis-focused ETF that provides exposure to a diversified portfolio of companies, both domestic and global, that are involved in the marijuana industry.Β The investment objective of SEED is to seek to provide holders of Units with long-term capital appreciation by actively investing in a diversified mix of equity securities of issuers that are involved in the marijuana industry.

Investors should consider the Evolve Marijuana ETF if they are:

  • seeking exposureΒ to an actively managed portfolio of equity securities of issuers involved in the marijuana industry
  • willing to accept a high degree of risk
  • do not need a steady source of income from their investment
Business Website Address: https://evolveetfs.com/product/seed/
Country: Canada