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Etain’s Yonkers medical marijuana dispensary is in the waterfront district, accessible to Westchester medical marijuana patients. Parking in the area can be difficult, so we offer a complimentary valet service to patients visiting this location. This medical marijuana dispensary is amongst the most beautiful of the locations we operate. Chosen for both geographic accessibility and aesthetic appeal, Etain’s Yonkers dispensary boasts beautifully-aged hardwood floors and historic stained glass in our consultation rooms. Etain’s Yonkers medical marijuana dispensary is located on the second floor at 55 Main Street and is accessible via elevator from the street.

Address: 55 Main St.
2nd Floor
Yonkers, NY
ZIP Code: 10701
Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 1 (914) 437 7898
Country: USA
State: New York
City: Westchester County