AYR Strategies Inc.

AYR Strategies Inc.
NEO Ticker Symbol: AYR
OTC Ticker Symbol: CBAQF

AYR Strategies Inc. (NEO:AYR.A) (OTC:CBAQF) (NEO:AYR.RT) (OTC:CACQF) (NEO:AYR.WT) (OTC:CNBQF), formerly Cannabis Strategies Acquisition Corp. (NEO:CSA.A) (NEO:CSA.RT) (NEO:CSA.WT), through a qualifying transaction, has created a vertically integrated Multi-State Operator in the U.S. cannabis sector, with an initial anchor portfolio in the Eastern and Western United States. AYR is a leading cultivator, manufacturer and retailer of cannabis products in its anchor states of Massachusetts and Nevada, and produces cannabis packaged goods under the CannaPunch, Highly Edibles, Dutch Girl and Nordic Goddess brands.

ZIP Code: M5L 1B9
Business Phone Number: 1-212-299-7670
Country: Canada
  • Cannabis Strategies Acquisition Corp. (NEO:CSA)