AREV Brands International Ltd.

AREV Brands International Ltd. (CSE:AREV)
CSE Ticker Symbol: AREV
OTC Ticker Symbol: AREVF

AREV Brands International Ltd. (CSE:AREV) (OTC:AREVF) produces and delivers functional ingredients from its world-class extraction systems. AREV is revolutionizing the current delivery method of coconut oil, whey protein, and nutrients through emulsification. These premium ingredients and products are targeted for natural health, medical, functional food, nutraceutical, sports nutrition, and bioceutical markets. AREV is also working with Pharmacy and Dispensary operators with an innovative emulsified base formula to disperse Cannabis oil extracts from specific selected genetic Cannabis strains that address 5 areas of health including Anxiety, Pain Management, Insomnia, Central Nervous System Disorders & Libido.

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Business Phone Number: 1-604-868-5013
Country: Canada